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Chinese New Year

We celebrated the coming of the Year of the Tiger on Tuesday 1st February 2022 with a special Chinese lunch and children invited to wear something red, the traditional Chinese colour for celebrations. Lunch included Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice, Vegetable Chow Mein (noodles) with optional Quorn pieces in sauce, Crispy Prawn Crackers, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Lychees or Mandarin Oranges and Ice Cream and a Fortune Cookie. Children sang their favourite Chinese songs and Chai Yanfai, our Mandarin Language assistant demonstrated the Chinese instruments she plays, the Guzheng and the Hulusi. The Guzheng is a stringed instrument which is plucked using artificial finger nails and has a beautiful harp-like sound. The Hulusi  is called a flute but is really more like European oboe. It is made from a gourd with a mouth piece going into it and three pipes coming down from it the middle pipe is fingered a little like a recorder. Hu is Mandarin for gourd and lusi in Mandarin for pipes.