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Children in School

During the school closure we are providing a limited service for designated children whom we have agreed need this, either because they are vulnerable, or because their parents are in critical employment and have no other cover for their children. If you think your child is eligible you need to contact us and supply details. You can do this by email or by telephone during normal office hours. We will then notify you if your child is accepted. You do not have to bring your child to school and the best thing at this time is for those who can to stay at home. Children who do come need to wear school uniform and normal school rules and hours apply. All ages should come to the main junior playground for 8.45 am. For these children we will continue to provide our usual breakfast and after school provision as needed. Provision for children of critical workers will continue during the normal school holidays and more information on this will be provided nearer the time. We will be maintaining a skeleton staff in school on week and fortnight rotation in order to minimize infection. Other staff will be working at home. Children with any kind of illness and especially even mild symptoms of COVID-19 should not be brought to school. Lunches will be provided by the school kitchen adapting our advertised menu. This will be the most popular main choice (usually red) or a baked potato with choice of filling and vegetable, fruit, desert or cheese and biscuits. Children can bring a healthy packed lunch instead.