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Big Walk & Wheel

Thank you to everyone who supported  "The Big Walk and Wheel", the  new name for The Big Pedal to show it is inclusive of wheel chairs and scooters and emphasise the importance of just walking, or walking in conjunction with public transport.  We came 1st in Thurrock, 1st in  Essex, 6th in the region and 50th in the UK. As a Sustrans Gold School we have been involved every year from the start and hoped for record participation this year. From Monday 21st March until Friday 1st April we asked all parents to let their children walk, cycle or scoot to school and we ran activities which children could take part in if they have come to school by bike. Classes have been competing together in this and we have been competing with schools all over the country.   Inter-Class final results are, KS1: 1st 1Y, 2nd 1CB, 3rd RD, KS2: 1st 6G & 6JR (joint), 2nd 5M, 3rd 5W. Overall winners were 1Y. Special visits & rides will be organized for the winners next term.




Well done!


Due to extreme weather and to Covid absence we were not able to fit all the "random  reward rides" we usually manage. Will be organizing these, with notice, for any classes that missed them next term. 

There are many reasons why we  do this. Here are some:


  • It's good healthy exercise for children and adults.
  • It allows children to be more independent and builds their confidence.
  • It cuts the dangerous pollution our children are otherwise breathing in.
  • It cuts the use of fossil fuels, petrol and diesel which release CO2 into the atmosphere leading to Global Warming and, eventually  an uninhabitable planet.
  • It cuts congestion around the school.


This year you may be able to think of another reason:


Russia's invasion of Ukraine is fuelled by sales of their oil and gas. By buying less fuel you are helping the fight against Putin. You will also of course save even more money as the situation has driven up prices.