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Activities at Home

Well done to all our parents  who have managed to keep their children learning. From the feedback teachers have had it seems that you are doing very well although parents with more that one child are reporting difficulties supporting the different activities for different year groups. From now on we will be suggesting more activities which you can do equally well with any year group, as the different levels for age and ability are covered quite well by My Maths and our other online packages.


As it looks as if the closure will go on for some time, we suggest you have a break from learning during the holiday and come back to it refreshed on Monday for what would have been the last week of term. For the Easter fortnight staff are planning more fun and creative activities which you can join in with to keep your children from becoming bored. After Easter, we will come back with a full programming of learning, as our staff have been finding activities which children can learn best from at home and improving their own skills with the new technology now available.


Have a restful holiday and thank you for your amazing support.