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2 week half -term June 2021

Dear Parent.

Summer Half-Term Holiday 2021


Thank you to all those who took part in our consultation on taking a 2-week holiday at half term in summer 2021. There was a clear majority in favour among both parents and staff. Staff who are also parents were only counted once and we did not include votes from ex-Woodside parents or grandparents. Woodside Governing Body have now considered the proposal and made their decision as follows:

Woodside Academy will take a 2-week holiday for staff and pupils from Saturday 29th May to Sunday 13th June 2021

  • This will be a trial for one year in the first instance.
  • Woodside Holiday Club will be open for both weeks.
  • Children will continue to have the present 190 days of schooling over the year.
  • This will be achieved by continuing to work the first 2 days of the Thurrock recommended summer holiday; Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd July and taking 3 of our 5 training days that week.
  • Woodside 2021 summer holiday will begin Saturday 24th July.
  • Staff will need to complete 9 “twilight” training sessions instead of the 3 full days.

The reason for making this change is to give members of the Woodside community the same opportunities as other schools now have to take a holiday when it is likely to be less crowded, less expensive and generally more available. A longer break in the autumn term was not considered appropriate because we feel we need all our learning time, and more, prior to SATs, November is not the best time for those who cannot afford foreign holidays and, although the secondary schools siblings attend may take holidays then, they do not all take the same weeks. Two weeks in June will hopefully enable people to take a sustainable holiday in this country, a pleasant “staycation” or travel abroad as they wish. Most importantly, with the arrangements we have made, children at Woodside will still continue to have access to at least 190 full days learning.

Thank you again for taking part in our consultation.

Yours faithfully,


Mr E Caines  MA