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The provision and access the children have to music is fantastic, with our well equipped music studio and teaching resources.

  • Reception to year 6 have a weekly music lesson lead by a music specialist, following the Music Model Curriculum 2021.
  • Lessons encompass the four areas of study: singing, listening, composing and performing.


At Woodside we give the children many opportunities to take part in performances. 

  • Class and singing assemblies
  • Seasonal celebrations including: Harvest festivals, Christmas performances, International Week, patriotic events etc.
  • Opportunities for the school choirs and steel pan group to perform in local music festivals and events.
  • KS1 / KS2 Choir club.
  • Weekly music group sessions for SEN children.


Wider Opportunities at Woodside

  • Opportunities to perform through projects organised by The Royal Opera House / Royal Ballet.
  • One to one instrument lessons are available to all age groups which are provided by Thurrock Music Services - contact office for more information.
  • Year 3 steel pan and year 4 recorder lessons run throughout the year culminating in a final showcase to parents.   
  • Gamelan workshops.

Music Policy

Music Intent Implementation and Impact