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Woodside Academy encourages the active participation of children exploring and making art. It is our intention that all children are provided with insightful and exciting experiences, that allow children of all abilities to be creative and develop their skills in making and designing. We strive in ensuring children are provided with a variety of materials, tools and experiences that allow them to experiment and progress their skills, as they develop through the school as well as preparing them for future education. It is our goal to give children the confidence and self-esteem to discuss and reflect on art work of different media, through observing a variety of historical artists and those from diverse cultures.

Scheme of Skills Overview

Mother's Day Art and Crafts Workshops

World Book Week - Hot Air Balloon Competition


Woodside have enjoyed celebrating art week and exploring our chosen picture this year 'The Bathers at Asnières' by Georges Seurat. Art week is embedded across our curriculum where we encourage children to explore, discover and be inspired by famous artists. Here is a display of our fantastic art work!

Creative Writing Through the Arts