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Children who have difficulty at school may be diagnosed as having Special Educational Needs or Disability. Our Assistant Headteacher, Ms Ryder, has the role of Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator or Inclusion Manager. Ms Ryder is assisted in her special needs work by Ms Webb and they share an office opposite the front entrance.The previous system has recently been changed by the government but we support children in a similar way to before.

Children’s special needs may be related to specific difficulties in aspects of learning, delayed development, physical disability or behaviour. As a parent we would involve you in the assessment and expect you to actively help your child to overcome any problems. Additional support for children with Special Educational Needs is often in the form of time from a nominated Teaching Assistant. To make sure children to not become over dependent on adult support and to enable the important social element of learning this is more often given as part of a group.


SEN Statement of Offer