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At Woodside we are keen to work in partnership with parents in the best interests of their children right from the start and throughout their time at the school. Prior to joining Woodside, in fact before deciding to, we encourage parents to view the school at work and meet the headteacher.  We open ‘Woodside Cafe’ in the winter months as a place where parents can come and chat at the end of the day and wait in the warm if their children have after school clubs. Parents are very welcome to assist us with activities from reading to swimming and encouraged to get involved in the activities of The Friends of Woodside.


There are consultation evenings in the autumn and spring terms and a more informal "exhibition evening" in the summer term. We run a free creche for younger children during consultation evenings, concerts, class assemblies and any other events so parents can easily attend.  We send parents a Curriculum Letter to explain what children will be studying at the beginning of each half term and have a weekly class assembly when children present their learning to parents. There are meeting for parents prior to starting nursery and reception, for year 6 prior to choosing secondary schools and to update parents in changes in the English and mathematics curriculum. Woodside staff are friendly and approachable and it is usually possibly to speak to senior staff at the beginning or end of the day without appointment and to class teachers after school.