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The Big Pedal

Get on your bike to help your child win a trip to the London Olympic Velodrome in this year's Big Pedal. Every journey to school by bike counts including parents' and other family members'. Scooters count half points (The Big Pedal's rules not our's - the clue's in the name) and we have exceeded 60% children cycling/scooting. As well as a winning KS1 and KS2 class we are giving children who ride OR scoot raffle tickets for individual prizes. The Big Pedal is great fun, and we would also like to win, but the purpose is to cut down pollution, cut use of fossil fuels, reduce congestion and get everyone to take more healthy exercise. We already know we have an obesity crisis and that most people don't take enough exercise but more recent research has shown that we are also being killed by pollution, especially diesel fumes. This is why incentives like The Big Pedal are so important. Please give it your support and thank you to the Friends of Woodside who already have.  We have been very successful this year with over 52% cycling/scooting -  check  our latest ranking against other schools all over Britain at  The Big Pedal finishes on Friday 31st March but please keep cycling through the summer term and after that.