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The Big Pedal

The Big Pedal is back, starting Monday 23rd April for 2 weeks only. We want children to come to school on 2 wheels not 4, and under their own power, to help us win our place in this national competition and prizes for themselves. As usual there will be special visits as class prizes for the Junior and the Infant class with the most children to take part and children who cycle to school also get a chance to win individual prizes including £20 Lakeside vouchers and glowing cycle rim lights. This is part of our commitment to get and keep children healthy and to cut down on the harmful emissions and waste of resources caused by driving children to school. Children can cycle or scoot and staff and parents are invited to join in as well. Help us make things better for your child, our school and the planet. Although some schools raise money by having a "super hero day" as part of their Big Pedal, we are not doing this as we feel parents have already made enough contributions to charity this year.