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Holiday Workshops

As we want to give our children the best possible chance in the challenging new SATs we organized FREE holiday workshops for year 6 during the Easter holidays and spring half term. We will be doing the same for year 5 starting at the coming May half term. Workshops include fun learning activities from 9 to 12 and children who attend can also have a free lunch, free snacks and stay on to 3 pm for a free sports or art & craft session.They are of course free to go home after the learning session. Children can also spend as much of the rest of the day in holiday club for free (including breakfast and tea) as they or parents prefer. During Easter we offered 2 days; Tuesday and Thursday each week through the holiday. Miss McInerney the first week with Mrs Conroy on Tuesday 4th and Miss Burton on Thursday 6th.  Mrs Wilkinson and Miss Gouldsmith have led the second week. Children can attend any of the days they are available. No uniform required.