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Following the success of our collaboration with Thurrock Music Services this summer we rebooked Sarah Stuchfield and her amazing Gamelan orchestra for an in-depth project in year 4. Each class have worked on a performance using traditional style Javanese puppetry accompanied by the unique sound of the Gamelan. We hope to give the children who played at the summer festivals another go  as well as a chance for those who have not tried it before to have this experience. We also ran sessions for staff and parents. The three concerts tell traditional Javanese stories about the the mouse deer Kancil, using shadow puppets with dialogue improvised by the children and accompanied by the Gamelan instruments. Every child has made a puppet, every child will play an instrument and every child will have a speaking part.


  • Tuesday 11th December 12th  7.00 pm

4D present  Kancil's Gifts

  • Tuesday 12th December 13th 7.00 pm

4K present Kancil's Christmas Tree

  • Thursday 13th December 7.00 pm

4M present Kancil's Christmas Feast


Performances will be in our studio with parents sitting around the performers , and begin and end with well some of our favourite carols. Entry is FREE but by ticket only, available in advance through ParentMail, and limited to 2 per family. No children will be allowed in the audience but there will be a our usual FREE creche.