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Christmas Events at Woodside

We have a series of events leading up to Christmas. You need a ticket to attend any of our school concerts and church carol services apart from the nursery concerts. Tickets are  FREE through your parent mail account. You will also need to buy any disco tickets through parentmail. Tickets for the Rotary Club Concert need to be booked through their own box office or when Rotary Club members  visit the school for this purpose.  Please note the school and church events are for parents only. This is because of limited space and because young children cannot be expected to sit quietly. We provide a FREE creche in the dining hall for these performances.



Monday 10th December

Children's Christmas Discos Infants 5.00 pm & Juniors 6.45 pm


Tuesday 11th December 7.00 pm

4D Concert with Javanese puppets and Gamelan  STUDIO


Wednesday 12th December 7.00 pm

4K Concert with Javanese puppets and Gamelan STUDIO


Thursday 13th December

9.15 am and 2.00 pm Reception Concert    HALL 

7.00 pm 4D Concert with Javanese puppets and Gamelan STUDIO


Friday 14th December 

Nursery Concerts   11.00 am and 2.00 pm  HALL

(No tickets needed for above event)

Woodside Choir at Rotary Concert Civic Hall  7.30 pm

(Tickets £12.50 from the Rotary Box Office 0345 300 5264 - no creche but under 12 children's  tickets £5)


Monday 17th December

Year 3 Carol Service 10.30 am St Mary's Church

Year 1 Concerts 2.00 pm & 6.00 pm


Tuesday 18th December

Year 5 Carol Service 10.30 am St Mary's Church 

Year 2 Concerts 2.00 pm & 6.00 pm


We only had two slots available at St Mary's this year and decided to use these for year 3 and 5 as year 4 have a Gamalan concert and year 6 have more than enough to do, and will be presenting a major production in the summer when they also go to St Mary's for their special leavers' service.


Wednesday 19th December (last day of term)

Visiting professional pantomime "Sleeping Beauty"

Children's Parties  (no food contributions needed)

Optional Christmas Jumper Day (no donations required)

Christmas Lunch (we order for everyone so tell us if you DON'T want it or need vegetarian option - no other choices that day. Pay by ParentMail unless infant or other free meal)