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Karate lessons are after school on Tuesday. There is a fee for Karate as the classes are taken by an external instructor Mark Adams.

Congratulations to the following children who had their grading examination.


STEVEN Graded to yellow belt.

HARRY Graded to yellow belt.

ADAM GLUCH Graded to yellow belt.

TIERNEY Graded yellow to belt.

AJAY Graded to yellow belt.


IRIS Graded to orange belt.


SOPHIE Graded to green belt.

KEIRA Graded to green belt.

NARYAN Graded to green belt.


SOPHIE Graded to blue belt.


AMBER SANDHU Graded to purple belt.


LEIA Graded to brown belt 2nd white tag.

GOVIND Graded to brown belt 2nd white tag.

SUMAN Graded to brown belt 2nd white tag.