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The theme for our Art Week this year is Penelope with the Suitors by the 15th century Italian painter Pintoricchio. Last year we took Ruben's The Triumph of Rome as a starting point for a range of related activities. As it was a Roman theme some classes worked on a mosaic which we will be displayed permanently in the school. The Triumph of Rome is a painting in the National Gallery and part of their Take One Picture project which we participate in every year. We showcased some of the activities at our summer exhibition evening.


In 2017 Year 5  entered the "Wave" project and was awarded first prize and a free habitat day at Thameside Nature Park. Previous year 5s entered the Sculpture on a Pallet and A Hare's Breath competition, the finished entries were displayed around the park's nature trail. 5C's entry was highly commended and 5M's won third prize.  Art at Woodside is now coordinated by Miss Jackson.


Thameside Nature Park Competition

Thameside Nature Park Competition 1