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If you would like your child to attend our school you will need to make an application through Thurrock Council. We are currently have waiting lists for all years except our afternoon. You can apply for a reception place for 2018-18 from 1st November until 15th January.  As an academy we have set our own admission criteria which you can read below. Please note that admission appeals for infant classes cannot take notice of any  special circumstance but can only succeed if it can be proved that the authority did not follow correct procedures in the process. This is highly unlikely. We do not hold special events for prospective parents but it is possible to view the school between 9.30 and 10.30 a.m. by appointment.


Please note these important deadlines: 31st October for secondary admissions and 15th January for primary admissions.


Primary Admissions

Secondary Admissions

Thurrock Primary Admissions Guide

Admission criteria 2017 for consultation